About the Creator

Dan is a Renaissance man, with a degree from Johns Hopkins Medical School in medical illustration, he is also a sculptor, painter, and landscape designer. He combines his artistic talents with precision to produce artistically unique Bonsai pottery. His pieces are made from a sculptural clay body formulated to withstand the outdoor elements and are wood fired to cone 11.

My Bonsai Philosophy

Dan Beisel


To me, Bonsai is the creation of a living sculpture. A Bonsai tree is a work of art that is ever developing into the form envisioned by the bonsai master. Bonsai trees that have been in training for hundreds of years have more thought into their formation than any masterpiece of art. I approach the creation of all my bonsai containers with that idea and care in mind, to produce a form that will harmonize with the natural beauty of a bonsai tree. I have developed naturalistic themes with an earthy artistry that resonate through my work. My hope is to match the character of a tree, to make a unified object of art.